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Meghan Matulka, Esq.

"The burden to prove guilt is on the government not on the defendant."

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  •  Law School:  The Washington College of Law, American University, Juris Doctor, 1997
  • Admitted: Virginia State Bar; United States District Court of the Eastern District of Virginia; Maryland State Bar
  • Award: Attorney of the Year for 2016 (Prince William Bar Association) as chosen unanimously by the Judges of the Prince William County Juvenile & Domestic Relations Court

Meghan Matulka, The Story:

Why I became a defense attorney:

Three reasons:  To help people in trouble; to protect individual rights; and to defend the Constitution. 

I grew up watching my mother help people when they most needed it and I know it made a deep impression on me.  I learned so much from watching her.  Most importantly, she taught me to “meet people where they are” and see what I could offer of myself to help them.  She was the best counselor and mediator you’d ever meet and I strive in my own career to be half as good as she was in her career.  She is gone now but I know that I carry her spirit with me whenever I am actively engaged in helping someone in crisis. 

I also grew up as a Navy junior and that, too, made a deep impression on me.  My father was a distinguished Naval Officer who flew jets during the Vietnam War.  He risked his life to defend our way of life and the Constitution.  He knew that if there weren’t citizens who were willing to stand up and fight on behalf of all of us we could lose everything.  I am proud to say that I have followed in my father’s footsteps in defending our rights and the Constitution; I have just done it in a different way. 

Very early on in my career, I saw how easily all of our rights can be eroded if there aren’t lawyers out there fighting to protect the rights of all who are accused – the guilty and the innocent.  If we don’t demand that the promises of the Constitution are delivered, we lose them.  The burden to prove guilt is on the government not on the defendant.  The Constitution demands that we view people accused of crime as innocent unless and until they are proven guilty.  And guilt must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt.  These are amazing concepts that separate our country and our laws from the rest of the world.  We lose them if we don’t fight for them. 

“At the core, these are the reasons that I chose to become a defense attorney.”

I have practiced criminal defense in Virginia since 1998 representing thousands of people from cases as minor as traffic infractions to as serious as capital murder. I expanded my defense work to Maryland in 2008. Now, I am pleased to join forces with Magner Law of counsel to continue to work zealously to represent clients by providing a different kind of defense – one that prioritizes dedication, dignity, and discretion.


  • Born In: Pebble Beach, California
  • Grew Up:  As a Navy Junior both in the States and abroad
  • High School:  JEB Stuart High School, Falls Church, VA, Class of 1987
  • Undergraduate:  University of Richmond – Westhampton College, Bachelor of Arts, Majors: Political Science and International Studies, 1991
  • Member: Vestry, Christ Episcopal Church, Rockville, MD
  • Member: Communications Chair, St. Francis Flock animal welfare ministry, Christ Episcopal Church, Rockville, MD
  • Happily married; mother of a terrific daughter; guardian of two wonderful rescue dogs and a rescue fish.
  • Passions: Spending time with my family, walking my dogs, tennis, genealogy, animal welfare, travel, and Montana


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