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Litigation doesn’t just take place in the courts.

Litigation is nothing more and nothing less than a structured process for presenting a dispute to a neutral party for a decision.  Opposing parties make a presentation to the decision maker with the hope of convincing that decision maker to rule in their favor.

Litigation doesn’t just take place in the courts.  It also takes place in arbitration, mediation, and administrative proceedings of all kinds.  The role of the attorney is to help the client organize the presentation of his or her case so that it can be presented to the decision maker in a way that is persuasive and convincing, regardless of the forum.  Doing that effectively requires more than simply plugging away according to the forum’s rules of procedure; it requires that the attorney and client have a game plan and a strategy, and that they work together as a team.

The lawyer’s title, however, is “Attorney AND Counselor.”  At Magner Law, we take the role of counselor every bit as seriously as the role of attorney.  Litigation is always risky, and no one can ever guarantee a courtroom win, no matter how good a case is.  By advising the client throughout the litigation process and maintaining the flexibility to adjust the litigation strategy as the case develops, we are often able to obtain favorable resolutions for our clients without subjecting them to the gamble of trial.  But, if the case can’t be resolved, then we have the experience to go toe to toe in the courtroom and the resolve to fight for our clients’ rights.


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