Magner Law, PC

Magner Law was founded in 2015 by lawyers who had been in practice for decades, having over 75 years of combined legal experience handling a wide range of matters, but were dissatisfied with the approach taken by most law firms and wanted to create something new. 
The practice of law is a service-based business, and we understand that we have an obligation to the client to deliver high quality professional services at fair rates with transparent billing practices.  This is the same standard that our own clients have to live by themselves in their own businesses and professions. 
At Magner Law, our goal is simple.  The client should be better off for having hired us.



We’ve made it a rule throughout our careers not to punish people for bringing us business.  We offer free, thirty-minute initial consultations to potential clients,  an opportunity to discuss  determine whether  we are a good fit for each other.  


As a small business ourselves, we know the importance of getting high quality services for a fair and reasonable fee.   Our motto is and will always be:  “Charge what you’re worth and be worth what you charge.”  


 We gladly accept credit cards, checks, and of course, cash.  However, for your safety, Magner Law does not keep its clients’ credit card information on file, either electronically or in hard copy.


Jim Magner, Esq.

I wanted to create a law practice that upheld the same values I preach to my clients.

Jeff Saradar, Esq.

Jeff helped Magner Law develop and fine-tune it's "Divorce with Dignity" approach to family law, emphasizing clients need for privacy, closure and efficient resolution of their case

Meghan Matulka, Esq.

The burden to prove guilt is on the government not on the defendant.

Sameera Ali, Esq.

Ms. Ali handles both criminal defense and general district court litigation


The information contained here does not constitute legal advice. Every client’s case is unique and there are no “generic” legal solutions. The information contained in this website is intended for general information purposes only. For specific questions about your legal matters, please contact our office to schedule an appointment with a legal professional.​